Digital Dental Solutions

Experience the Performance of Dental 3D Scanners
Whether you are in the lab or in the clinic, you need to rely on metrology-grade 3d scanners that pack a true punch in terms of ease of use, accuracy, resolution, reliability and fast data acquisition. Sign up for a free demo and let SHINING3D show you how to get the job really done.
3D TECHSHOP provides fully intergraded 3D digital dental solutions,from obtaining 3D data with 3D scanners for lab and intraoral 3D scanners for clinics, then design with professional dental CAD software, to direct printing dental products, including working models, orthodontics models, implant models, surgical guides, wax-ups, partial frameworks with DLP 3D printer, or to printing metal crowns & bridges, partial frameworks directly with metal 3D printer.
Recommended Products:

EinScan Dental 3D Scanner Autoscan-DS-EX Pro


Multiple Functions Available

· Articulator scanning : support the 3D scanning of most articulators available in the market, such as Artex, KAVO, etc.

· Triple-tray scanning :   more convenient triple-tray impression scanning with optimized jig.

· Texture scanning :  marks on dental models can be captured clearly, providing reference for further design work.

· Continuous Scanning : The AutoScan-DS-EX 3D scanner provides an optimal data post-processing option through LAN net-work.

Clinic Mode Added

With the clinic mode, desktop 3D scanner can be applied to dental clinics directly to support chair-side restoration solutions.

Open Data Format

Export STL data, high compatibility with current open CAD/CAM software and hardware in the market.